Monday, January 19, 2015

Canadian Judges are Cop Killers

Shawn Rehn's adult conviction record:

Note: The date refers to when the case was adjudicated and the location refers to the court where the matter was heard.

1999-04-01 (Edmonton): Break and enter, Theft. Sentence: 60 days in jail, 1 year probation, $921 to be paid in restitution.

2001-08-27 (Evansburg): Assault. Sentence: $200 fine.

2001-05-14 (Calgary): Possession of property under $5000 obtained by crime. Sentence: 60 days in jail.

2001-05-14 (Calgary): Housebreaking, Theft. Sentence: 5 months in jail.

2001-05-14 (Calgary): Obstructing a Peace Officer, Breach of conditions (2 counts). Sentence: 15 days in jail.

2001-06-21 (Edmonton): Fail to attend court. Sentence: 45 days in jail.

2001-12-15 (Edmonton): Assault with a weapon, Careless use and storage of a firearm (2 counts). Sentence: time served on 1 day in jail (had spent 7 months in custody), 10 year ban on firearms.

2003-03-04: Operation of a motor vehicle while disqualified. Sentence: $400 fine.

2004-08-04 (Edmonton): Operation of a motor vehicle while disqualified. Sentence: 60 days in jail.

2005-04-13 (Calgary): Possession of property over $5000 obtained by crime. Sentence: 1 day in jail.

2006-03-15 (Calgary): Possession of property under $5000 obtained by crime (16 counts). Sentence: 2 years in jail.

2006-03-27 (Edmonton): Possession of property over $5000 obtained by crime, driving while disqualified. Sentence: 5 months in jail, 18 month driving ban.

2007-11-08 (Calgary): Theft under $5000. Sentence: 1 day in jail.

2009-08-14 (Edmonton): Failure to comply with recognizance. Sentence: $200 fine.

2010-10-26 (Edmonton): Possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm, Possession of a prohibited firearm. Sentence: 3 years in jail, 10 year ban on firearms.

2010-10-26: Refusal to provide breath sample, Escape lawful custody, Possession of controlled substance, Possession of property under $5000 obtained by crime (10 counts), Possession of stolen credit card, Breach of recognizance. Sentence: 5 years in jail (minus 2 years for time served).

2011-06-06: (Edmonton): Break and enter, Theft. Sentence: 2 years in jail.

2011-08-19 (Drumheller): Possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon, possession of property under $5000 obtained by crime, Breach of recognizance (2 counts). Sentence: 3 months in jail.

2013-08-07 (Drumheller): Assault. Sentence: 1 day in jail.

Shawn Rehn's outstanding charges:

2013-10-11 (Edmonton): Fraud over $5,000, Breach of condition recognizance (2 counts).

2013-12-14 (Fort Saskatchewan): Breach of recognizance (3 counts), Resisting a peace officer, Possession of stolen property, Possession of controlled substance, Use of imitation firearm.

2014-09-03 (Edmonton): Possession of a prohibited/restricted weapon, Possession of a prohibited firearm, Escaping lawful custody, Possession of stolen property under $5,000, Possession of controlled substance, Possess break-in instruments, Breach of recognizance order (2 counts).

2014-10-28 (Edmonton): Fail to stop vehicle/evade officer, Dangerous driving, Breach of recognizance (4 counts), Disqualified driving, Driving without insurance, Display unauthorized plates.

2014-11-12 (Edmonton): Fail to appear.

2014-11-28 (Edmonton): Fail to appear.

Cop Killer


It Has Nothing To Do With Islam

Saturday, January 17, 2015

2014: The Year the Planet Roasted

In what can only be described as a crushing defeat for Global Warming Deniers, NASA has concluded that the Earth's fever of death and destruction broke new records in 2014, shattering the 2010 roast-fest by two one hundredths of a degree:
According to the Nasa global temperature database 2014 was technically a record “beating” 2010 by the small margin of 0.02 deg C. The NASA press release is highly misleading saying that 2014 is a record without giving the actual 2014 figure, or any other year, or its associated error.

In reality of course it is no record at all as the error of the measurements is about +/- 0.1 deg C showing NasaGiss’ statement to go against the normal treatment of observational data and its errors. Talk of a record is therefore scientifically and statistically meaningless.

The Farce is Strong in This One: A Corpse Every 7 Minutes

The UK celebrates the end of snowy winters with a corpse every 7 minutes.
The Arctic blast which swept Britain today could kill one person very seven minutes a charity has warned, with temperatures set to plummet even further and yet more snow on the way.

Almost a million elderly people are at risk from the bitter cold as they cannot afford to heat their homes, Age UK warned last night.

But the big freeze is expected to continue throughout the weekend and into Monday with the mercury forecast to drop as low as -15C following a night which saw six inches of snow fall in some parts of the country.

Of course, things have been made worse by the Green Lunatics who have covered the Isle with heavily subsidized wind turbines which have triggered Dickens' era levels of energy poverty.  For genuine greens though, there is nothing to fret about.  After all, who needs all those old people kicking around using up precious resources and hospital beds ... let's get on with the job of greening and depopulating the planet. 

Meanwhile in the filthy land of the Un-green, the Kingdom of Carbon the Harper, we live quite well in conditions that make the UK cold snap seem like an afternoon at the beach. I just watched two very elderly ladies go walking by, all bundled up and in good spirits as they took some fresh air.  They'll be returning to warm homes, spewing lovely life-giving carbon emissions.

As far as I'm concerned, the eco-maniacs who use phony science and trumped up data to make wind turbine manufacturers rich, can go to hell.

Islam and the "Progressive" Fantasy

There are a large but shrinking number of Western citizens who aspire to a bizarre form of "progressive" ideology.  It is a mix of hate for Europe, hate for America, and hate for most things "white".  Most of those who cling to this ideology are, strangely, caucasian.

The general notion seems to be that most of the advances experienced by the Western world were gained at the expense of all the others.

Jews seem to be held in  particular disdain, being blamed for all manner of perceived evil, like the Industrial Military Complex, or the evil global banking cabal and of course the suffering of the completely innocent Palestinians.

We find "progressives" keeping their ideology alive by clinging to a perverted understanding of history, where facts are taken, stripped of context, and then elevated to religious levels of belief.  Noam Chomsky is the master of this method, where an endless litany of facts are quoted with no regard to context.  Yet, any student of history understands that a historic fact, is not truly a fact, without a clear and precise understanding of the context within it happened.

Chief among "progressive" history warping sins is the purposeful ignoring of genocides, ethnic cleansings, wars, and subjugations wrought by just about every single culture on the planet and in just about every place on the planet at one time or another, and done so without any Western influence.  Even Ward Churchill's "innocent" North American Indians have a pre-European history filled with wars, genocides,  human sacrifice, torture, and even mass cannibalism. Another shameful "Progressive" historic dyslexia is expressed through it's virtual ignoring of the Cold War when quoting Western sins of the last century.  Were one to ascribe to a "Progressive" view of history, one wouldn't even know that a Cold War existed, and that Vietnam, Angola, Cuba, and the Middle East wars and violence existed solely as a result of American aggression. Tell any "progressive" that Communists killed about 100 million of their own people in the last century and their eyes glaze over ... they'd rather lump Mother Theresa and Mao into the same conceptual construct; both great philosophers as "progressive thinker" Anita Dunn once told a wide-eyed audience of graduates.    

That's why with every act of Islamic Terrorism that takes place in Europe or North America, we see and hear "progressives" immediately go into a defense of Islam (led by the White House); as if Western populations were about to rise up and murder every single Muslim in their midst. In the "progressive" mind, any construct that exists and comes from outside the West, can't possibly be as evil as the Western Capitalist Imperialist faux Democratic Enslavers of Humanity that we are.  After all, Islam is Peace, Western culture is War.

The overall result of this ideology is a seemingly confused and disjointed (it's actually not) foreign policy.  The Obama administration is the primary case in point, where it struggles to deal with an increasingly hostile world while at the same time staying true the general notion that we (the West), have caused most of the troubles in the first place.

In the "Progressive" view, it's as if a formerly violently abusive parent now must reconcile with his estranged children, who obviously have gobs of resentment and distrust for the now reformed parent.

"Can we really blame violently abused children for lashing out at the source of their pain?" asks the Progressive.

Daily now the Obama administration is forced to twist itself into pretzels of logic in order to stay the course ... to stay true to the reformed parent role.

Obama came to power thinking that if he made it clear to the non-Western world that he understands it's ill will, that if he, the parent, "empathized", the healing would begin and the wronged billions (children) around the world would begin to "forgive" America and Europe and a new era of victim-oppressor reconciliation would take place.  Obama's genuflection to the Muslim world and the Russian "reset" were to be the dawning of the new era.  (Ironically, Obama and Hillary got it right with Russia by erroneously giving the Russians a "recharge" button.  The conflict with Russia has been truly recharged)

A recent example of "Progressive" logic is Obama's  milquetoast response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, where we've seen Obama and his spokesmen torture the English language in an attempt to remain the ever contrite formerly abusive parent.  While most can be forgiven for being gobsmacked by the Obama response, hardcore "Progressives" see it as completely logical.
British Prime Minister David Cameron was unsparing in his condemnation of Islamist terrorists on Friday, as he stood beside President Obama in the White House.

Like French officials last week following the deadly attacks in Paris, the PM bluntly described the problem as a "very serious Islamist extremist terrorist threat."


(Obama responded), "I do not consider it an existential threat. As David said, this is one that we will solve. We are stronger. We are representing values that the vast majority of Muslims believe in -- in tolerance and in working together to build, rather than to destroy."
The long term results of the "Progressive" era are unclear, but in my opinion we are witnessing the loading of a giant spring.  With each "Progressive" global policy that is foisted onto a world that lives according to other realities, the chances for truly cataclysmic events become more real.  Muslim terrorists will, one day, manage an act that will make 9/11 seem tame, or they will push the naturally peaceful sentiments of the world's non-Muslim population to the breaking point, and the result will be backlash ... the unwinding of the spring as it were ... that will see not only the Islamists, but truly innocent Muslims bare the brunt.  It's not that long ago that we destroyed just about every single city in Germany and Japan in order to prevail.  Humans have it in them to exact massive destruction in order to preserve themselves ... let's hope that "Progressive" ideology doesn't once again bring us to that point.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Children are Not the Future.

They are in charge:

In an effort to repair relations with France, Secretary of State John Kerry brought musician James Taylor to sing an acoustic version of “You’ve Got A Friend” for the people of that country.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Charlie Hebdo to Print 3 Million Copies

I can understand that major news organizations would not print the more obscene Muhammad cartoons offered by Charlie Hebdo, but there are many examples to choose from that lampoon Muhammad that are not obscene.

One of the arguments making the rounds the past few days is that the Charlie Hebdo murders occurred because the magazine published obscene cartoons.  Let me remind you that the Danish Muhammad Cartoons were not obscene, yet the authors have been under threat of death ever since. Recall, that the simple depiction of Muhammad is considered by Islamists to be grounds for murder.  Furthermore, if the obscene depiction of any religious figure triggers blasphemy laws, then it's all the more reason to depict those images.

So, next time you hear the "obscene cartoons" canard; take it for what it is ... guano.

As well, let me just toss this in ... if a UK organization had created the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, they'd be in the slammer.

It's with particular irony then, that I link to the Yahoo news release below, which can only bring itself to show a difficult to see Charlie Hedbo cartoon that may contain a satirical image of Muhammad.
Paris (AFP) - This week's three million copies of Charlie Hebdo, the first post-attack issue of the French satirical weekly, will defiantly feature caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, its lawyer said Monday.

The special issue, to come out on Wednesday, will also be offered "in 16 languages" for readers around the world, one of its columnists, Patrick Pelloux, said
Essentially, the world's major news organizations adhere to Muslim blasphemy laws.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

You dirty Jews, You Oppress Us

The hostages were in the grocery for about five hours. Some were stuck in the freezer, some were upstairs. Coulibaly killed four people and shot two others. There were around fifteen people downstairs, in the supermarket freezer. “The people in the freezer were able to be protected for some time, but then he found out that there were people in the freezer and he asked them to come up. Now some of them were too scared to. Because he was alone, he couldn’t leave the hostages, so he would send someone who worked in the store to go downstairs and get them. Some were too scared not to do what he wanted them to do, because some of them apparently were hoping to live. So they were saying, ‘All right, we’ll do what he wants and he’ll keep us alive, but some said no. So some went up, and apparently used the freight elevator to run out of the grocery from the back.” Only one person complied with Coulibaly’s demands to come out of the freezer and come upstairs; he was shot in the head. It was fifty degrees below zero in the freezer; one of those inside was an eighteen-month-old baby. Many got frostbite; a friend of Joseph who was in the freezer still cannot move his legs.

The full interview.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Simple Continuation of a 1400 Year Old Tradition

Can anyone be surprised that murder, mayhem, and suffering follow, when the most sacred founder of a system of belief spread his doctrine by simply butchering anyone who refused to adhere to it, who thought little of forcing himself on little girls, who murdered the males of women he lusted after, and who reworked his doctrine every time it failed to provide him with something he desired.

Small wonder then, that sorrow, suffering, and barbarism follow wherever his doctrine is allowed to dominate, and especially wherever it clashes with another:
A bomb strapped to a girl aged around 10 years old exploded in a busy market place in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Saturday, killing at least 16 people and injuring more than 20, security sources said.

“The explosive devices were wrapped around her body and the girl looked no more than 10 years old,” a police source said.

Mobbing the West

The cultural flash mob has been a bit overdone, but every once in a while I see one that is unique or stirring.

Recently though it's occurred to me just how culturally affirming the flash mob is; and how it is so utterly un-Islamist.

The flash mob features just about every conceivable musical, theatrical, and dance treat one can imagine. It pulls from every corner of the planet, from sixteenth century Europe to the African Savannah to the Moroccan Market. It is, utterly un-Islamist ... even though it may at times contain flavors from Islamic lands.

I make my claim based on the fact, that even though many Muslim countries enjoy a rich musical culture, the more Islamist they become; the more restrictive they are; some banning most musical expression altogether.

It is in the West that we find an unbelievable melting together of every imaginable kind of cultural artistic expression; a true testament to the tolerance practiced in Western society. And, we are all richer for it.

Islam offers none of this ... in fact, it is a culturally smothering entity, like some giant green blob that slowly and inexorably smothers culture. The more literal it becomes in its expression of what Muhammad taught, the more it is so.

Therefore, while there may be an abundance of music pouring from taxi cabs in Saudi Arabia or Iran, you will never see a flash mob joyously singing tunes based on Christianity or offering a Zulu warrior dance or pounding drums in Japanese Taiko tradition.  Hell, try being a woman attending a soccer game in Saudi Arabia or Iran, least of all offering up a little Amanda Marshal on a street corner.

Meanwhile, back in Kandahar, children had better enjoy flying kites and listening to music while they can. The Taliban are coming back.  Don't think for a minute that the barbarians who cover their women from tip to toe even while living among us, would not do the same here.